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Collaborating Partners

The target group for this training is professionals who come in contact with families where one of the parents has a mental illness.


This can be kindergarten staff, teachers, GPs, Community Health Staff and hospital staff such as Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers and Nurses.

A new pan European training programme designed to raise awareness of the needs of families where there is a parent with a mental illness. It also aims to build confidence and skills to enable professionals to empower the children in these families, by building their resilience, promoting their wellbeing and preventing them from developing behavioural and emotional problems.

It is free to register and use this training but we do ask you to cite the source. Click on the button to the right to register or login.

This online resource is designed for trainers and trainees. For traniners, it provides all the materials and background reading required for you to run a two day programme. Note that the training material is available in English, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian and Polish. For trainees, you will find not only the training notes, but also a wealth of relevant resources and reading material to assimilate your learning or to investigate the topic in greater depth.

The CAMILLE training was developed by Nordland Hospital Trust (Bodø, Norway) in close coolaboration with the CAMILLE Project partners.

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